“Individualized” creative music instruction with emphasis on artistic expression, catered to a student’s age, grade level, interests, needs and potential, that goes far beyond just playing notes and following a “page by page in one book” concept of learning, is available in a diverse variety of programs.

The friendly open concept walk-out rancher home studio offers an all-rounded music/piano-arts curriculum and setting of educational excellence that is well suited and equipped to meet the needs and aspirations of early childhood young children (age 4 and up) as well as advanced top performance student calibre (early to late teens). Adult students and seniors are also welcome.

Whether it be just for fun, preparation for a talent competition or Kiwanis Kelowna – Penticton Music Festivals or a gala community showcase or a performance master class, a passion, an advanced Toronto RCM performance program or a music appreciation (hobby), Children’s Piano-Arts Corner has the program for YOU.

In the multi-centered studio, students have the opportunity and advantage of learning a variety of important and fundamental skills to establish and build upon a solid, creative and artistic music/arts foundation. Pre-tested educational materials, activities, and concepts enable students to learn how to read music (even compose), acquire the basics in theory, technique, learn about composers & play different styles of music, use the open studio’s library to listen to professional CD’s as well as take top quality books from the children’s library on music, the arts and exemplary children’s literature, and create an “individualized” piano-arts portfolio to express and capture moods, feelings and emotions expressed in piano pieces being learned.

The FUN CPAC Studio Young Artist Performing Club

(YAP Club)

Welcome to the studio’s creative Young Artist Performer’s Club – a wonderful opportunity for all CPAC students to be proud of their individuality and express unique artistic & talents in art, music & story telling by taking part in this exciting and inspiring annual multi-event community showcase experience”. (this is an optional and extra opportunity for students and their parents to experience involvement at the annual Okanagan College Auditorium Christmas showcase, active participation in special master classes and community senior home concerts). Selection of performance students by invitation only.

The Yap Club’s Mission:

  • to create, co-ordinate and promote valuable and rewarding arts & cultural events.
  • to invite students from my piano-arts studio to participate with other students in the valley to perform & showcase in a diverse variety of arts disciplines.
  • to underline the significant importance of “individualism”,self-expression & participation in displaying unique artistic talent at an early age.
  • to inspire young children to grow and develop their skills, and help them create and achieve aspiring goals.
  • to provide opportunity for entertainment as well as educational purposes.
  • to bring together “fun” non competitive and “serious” competitive young performers and artists together to share& celebrate their talents in the community.

The Yap Club is committed to provide leadership and encouragement for young talent and create a variety of forums for young artistic expression.

yap club yap club piano lessons piano students YAPClub Brief History:

Claudia Kargl, YAPClub Founder & Artistic Director, brings to the Okanagan a wealth of experience and talent in music, piano performance, arts, public relations and business management. For over 30 years she has been operating her Children’s Piano-Arts Corner studio in Ottawa, Vancouver & Kelowna. She has an extensive national & international musical background including organizing, co-ordinating, promoting and hosting concerts and cultural gala events. Her artistic management experience includes the founding and directing of the Kanata Music Club (Ottawa 1989) with a gala event, year-end special show coverage from a local cable TV station and involvement of the Mayor in a large fundraising arts campaign. In 2003 Claudia, a member of the Women’s University Club, founded and directed the YAPClub in Vancouver. She hosted concerts at the prestigious Hycroft Mansion. The VSO Associate Conductor, head keyboard player and General Manager all played vital roles in the success of the YAPClub.

Twinkle Little Star

“Twinkle Little Star” is the original founding creative “all round” piano-arts program that uses language arts, visual arts and the performing arts in the music learning process. Since its establishment in 1980, the unique & highly successful program, that established some bright talented young stars, has been offering custom designed “individualized” course of study to students. Attention focuses on the the needs, potential, age, level, and interests of the individual child age 4 and up.

The artistic curriculum, especially suitable for early childhood development, enables & inspires a young child to learn, listen, play and have fun being introduced to the symbolic language of music.Through the course of study, a strong musical foundation is established and the child’s musical, creative and emotional skills are developed..

The innovative “Imagery In Music” educational concept provides a child with the creative tools to communicate character, mood and emotion when playing a piece at the piano. Students explore a variety of arts disciplines to express their musical performance and go beyond just playing notes. Each child is required to create his/her own music arts portfolio by using scrapbook, sketchbook and studio recording equipment to capture artistic expression. The performing arts studio exhibits a variety of impressive inter-connection of the arts examples created by students.

For some very gifted, artistically inclined and enthusiastic young learners, the “Twinkle Llittle Star” program has been the foundation and “stepping stone” for talented and serious students to further pursue a concentrated course of piano performance study at the studio.

A very impressive track record of student accolades is testament of the studio’s standard of educational arts excellence.

piano okanagan piano okanaganchristmas piano

Year-End Celebration & Summer Sessions

West Kelowna Performing Arts Studio
Children’s PIANO-ARTS Corner

The studio’s academic year draws to a close over the third weekend in June with a multicultural graduation celebration, a diverse student arts showcase, delicious food court and world map exhibit with flags representing the heritage of each student’s background.. Students display their creativity and individual artistic expression interpreting the unique inter-connection of the arts concept blending artwork in performing arts – music & piano, visual arts – drawing, painting, crafts and photography and language arts – creative writing, poetry and speech arts.

“MUSICAL KALEIDOSCOPE” July & August – summer sessions
… flexible timeframe that works around vacation time…
… spark your imagination and discover the creative world of artistic expression…

Great time to start to learn how to play the piano before fall, discover different types of musical styles, start new pieces, plan ahead your course of piano study for the upcoming academic year, enrol with a friend and learn a duet or a piece for two pianos/4 hands…or embark on a musical adventure by designing and creating a movie strip using visual & language arts or an audio visual DVD using your own piano performance and photographic artwork to tell your unique story…

A world of discovery and opportunity awaits you when you explore the wonderful variety of repertoire and selections in the Children’s Piano-Arts Corner open music and listening library…

Annual Party

The Halloween Extravaganza, late October, is an annual highlight for both my students and their parents at the West Kelowna Performing Arts Children’s PIANO-ARTS Corner studio. The weekend late afternoon event offers a variety of fun, food, theme games and chances to win “neat” prizes. There is something for everybody. Wearing costume and mask attire adds to the excitement and Halloween atmosphere. It is a great opportunity for students to display their diverse creative & artistic talents.


The Children’s Piano-Arts Corner studio provides an ideal educational setting for young students to have fun learning at their own pace, building confidence, discovering new concepts and ideas, and achieving weekly results. Ongoing monitoring of each student’s progress along with praise and guidance occur. It is great to see students work hard and have smiles, enthusiasm and happy faces when students accomplish their goals well!

For maximum benefit in the course of study process, a communication triangle of “teacher-student- parent is highly recommended. Student & parent involvement is strongly encouraged to achieve optimal results. Parental presence or follow-up at weekly lessons is advised.

An annual studio CD on a specific theme features highlight performance examples of each students.Copies of this CD are available for purchase at the year-end June celebration.

The studio archives binder is testament to many notes, cards and letters of thanks and appreciation.


Enrolment for the piano-arts program is year round. A non-refundable registration fee is required prior to the commencement of lessons.

Tuition payment must be made at the beginning of each month before the start of the first lesson. Cash or cheque payments are accepted. Tax receipts are available upon request.

The Children’s Piano-Arts Corner curriculum is an acknowledged program eligible for the Child Tax Arts Credit.