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Children’s Piano-Arts Corner Studio

…in West Kelowna, B.C. A world of adventure, fun and musical discovery where creativity, music appreciation and artistic expression connect.

A unique and top-quality music-arts curriculum for all ages, commencing at age 4 to the senior golden age, appeals to the imagination and ignites the senses.

The individuality of the student, even at an early age, is nurtured and abilities and talents are developed to reach fullest potential.

Claudia Kargl

During the ongoing challenging time of COVID-19, the Children’s Piano-Arts Corner is offering members uplifting music performance showcase events to appreciate, inspire and ignite the passion for music. These showcase event “family music package deals” include special personalized culinary arts treat boxes. Inquire for more details.

Introducing Claudia Kargl

  • Celebrating 40 years of creative professionalism in the community
  • Canadian Federation Music Teachers’ Association Acknowledgement: 3X Awarded for Professional Teaching Excellence
  • 2 CDs of Piano Performances – “Straight From The Heart “
  • Plaque Recipient: “For Your Wonderful Talent Of Making Music Fun”
  • Hailed as “ True Artist Performer” by International Piano Competition Judge Roubakine
  • Committed to the pursuit of excellence in music & the arts

An amazing place awaits you to discover the empowering world of music.

Children's Piano-Arts Corner Studio

3063 Bridlehill Drive in West Kelowna (Smith creek area).

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