Feel The Wave – Artistic Piano Playing

Music is a wonderful way to bring a household together! Parents are encouraged to be involved in the support and encouragement of their kids, to praise them for their hard work, and to help them learn new skills and musical abilities. Kids need this attention, care, love, and nurturing which creates connection and strong bonds of appreciation.

We encourage parents to make quality time to join in the fun and learning with their child, and perhaps even take lessons themselves side by side. This learning connection works wonders with kids and parents, helping to foster a deeper family connection. That is the power of music!

There is so much duet sheet music in my collector’s library that I can share with families and give you the means to fill the house with joy and musical expression! Children’s Piano Arts Corner is all about providing opportunities and gratifying experiences for intergenerational connections. 

Piano Lessons

A unique original and exceptional activity catered to the individual child’s age, level, abilities, interests which will helps kids to:


  • Establish a firm basic music foundation to build on
  • Sparks creativity
  • Involves games and sharing ideas
  • Builds confidence
  • Motivates the imagination
  • Encourages pride in their individuality
  • Stimulates listening to different kinds of music
  • Provides the opportunity to play on professional pianos


  • A child with a parent designated to assist in ongoing regular learning should accompany the student to each lesson
  • Cellphones are not allowed and need to be turned off during lesson time. Each CPAC lesson involves a three-way connection between parent, student and teacher and is a partnership in learning
  • The child needs 3 things: a 3-ringed binder with tabs to sectionalize materials, a wallet for piano bucks, and an 11″ X 14″ sketch book used as a music arts portfolio
  • All learning materials including homework book need to brought to each lesson
  • A parent must read and be aware of home exercises and activities to do
  • Learning materials need to be kept organized 
  • Guidelines and instruction need to be respected and attempted with no negativity – trying is most important as well as trying to give one’s best
Claudia at piano
Merry Christmas cakes
Claudia serving tea in garden

Children's Piano-Arts Corner Studio

3063 Bridlehill Drive in West Kelowna (Smith creek area).